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Vendor ManagementThe Infinity Group provides Maintenance & Repair (M&R) vendor management services for our customers. In this role, we currently manage M&R services for roughly 22,000 trailers, 10,000 containers, and 8,000 chassis. Using Six Sigma criteria, Infinity establishes M&R Vendor performance requirements for our selection of qualified M&R Vendors. We also determine the pricing competitiveness of these Vendors in their local markets to provide our customers a combination of high-service, low-cost maintenance & repair for their intermodal equipment.

We’re experienced with AAR, DOT, and IICL regulations and requirements, and currently manage more than 145 M&R vendors nationwide.

U.S. M&R Vendor Network - 2006

We conduct ongoing evaluations of M&R Vendor performance against a Six-Sigma set of performance requirements, and provide proactive reporting to our customers about Vendor performance, including:

  • Vendor Performance Scorecards
  • Cost per Unit Trends
  • Equipment Availability & Yield Time
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